Innovative and Unique Solutions for Restaurants:

Receiving payments is sometimes very cumbersome task for Restaurants, especially during weekends, festivals or wedding occasions. The customer's footfalls increase dramatically on such situations. That results long queues of waiting for payment, which is frustrating for customers as well owners. Such problems are common with fast food joints, self-service restaurants, or take home service providers.

There is always a strong need for an alternate payment method, because traditional card swipe process is time taking. The Next Idea Restaurant Consultants has been a pioneer in providing restaurant consultancy services. They understood the problems with traditional payments processes, and come up with an innovative, less time taking, and easy solution.

Tap N Go - Answer to Payment Receiving Problems

Contact less ("Tap N Go") credit card payments is the latest technology in accepting credit card payments - the technology speeds up customer transactions, therefore reduces lines, wait times, and transaction problems. That results a pleasant dining experience for customers and pleasant customer service experience for restaurant owners. Over the next five years "Tap N Go" will replace swipe processing in high volume outlets that need to provide convenience and quick service. Therefore now is the best time to install, ahead of your competitors, and offer your customers a new hassle-free payments experience. The facility will add another milestone in your service areas, making you ahead of your competitors.

Contact less "Tap N Go" services is changing the way customers pay for small purchases. Consumers love the convenience of just tapping their cards to pay at merchant's counters. Installation is very easy, and the technology is compatible with almost all POS equipment. The Next Idea ( is the primary distributor of this new technology, as part of our launch this week; we are offering a variety of incentives for new clients.

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