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OzFree's Practical Guide on Buying a Plasma TV
By : mei galang  
Buying a TV seems like an easy task and it should be but because of the evolution of technology , buying a TV especially a Plasma TV is now a tedious task. First off, a Plasma TV is a flat and lightweight type, commonly installed on walls, that revolutionizes television viewing because of it can deliver high definition quality and serve multi functions. Although its new in the market, there is a wide variety of options available that makes it difficult for consumers to find the right TV that fits their budget but at the same time have the features and picture quality that they want. The good news is there is a Plasma flat screen TV that fits each individual's lifestyle.

What to consider when buying your own plasma TV?
Before buying your own plasma TV for your house below are some of the things to consider so that you can get the best out of your money's worth.

1. How much is your budget. Set a price range that you will allot to spend for your new television. Be resourceful and maximize your money, don't let your budget limit your options rather find the best deal out it.

2. Where will you place your Plasma TV?
This is a factor to be considered because it will help you determine the space on the wall that will accommodate it as well as the right size to be purchased. It takes a little space but a better viewing will be achieved if there is at least 8 feet distance between you and the TV. This type of TV also performs better on well lit rooms but avoid placing it on a wall facing the window where the sunlight will shine directly to it.

3. How long is the life of the panel? It is one of the most important factor to consider because you want to invest on something that will last for years. 60,000 hours is the minimum life of the panel, thats roughly 15 years and more of daily 10 hours couch potato moments with your plasma TV.

4. What is the angle? For perfect viewing, it should be around 170-degrees, or about 85-degrees in both directions from its center. A better angle allows perfect viewing pleasure without having to stay in the middle seat each time.
5. What is the contrast ratio?

The contrast ratio is important for the resolution of the picture that your plasma TV can offer. The best available in the market is the ration or 10,000 to 1, and that's a billion on colors for your screen.

6. What are the add ons?
Plasma TV or any basic television is not only used for viewing local and cable shows, an ideal Plasma TV provides inputs for other devices so that it can also work for your DVD player, computer monitor , play video games and more. For an ultimate home entertainment it should have an integrated tuner and built-in surround sound system with at least Dolby 5.1

7. How high is higher?
Resolution is the clarity of the image or video on display and it is a factor to consider since a higher resolution allows you to watch closer without experiencing a loss in image quality

So what makes up best plasma TV? Most of the time the best plasma TV available in the market is not the biggest, most expensive or those with the best resolution, but the one that the consumers can afford to buy that will definitely fit into their homes and lifestyle. Author Resource:- Mei recommends Oz Free Online Classifieds site for your online resource of best buy sell trade deals. Great finds for plasma tv and electronics classified ads at OzFree.

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